Nothing changes if nothing changes.

we're ready for change. are you?


Restoring balance at the Capitol is critical if we want better funding for our schools. The only way to do this is to elect more Democrats, and that takes resources and voters.

This week, thousands of Oklahoma teachers, public employees, concerned citizens - many with their children in tow- flooded the Capitol demanding more.

These Oklahomans were met with what from their Republican Representatives? Accusations of being paid protesters, equated to teenagers wanting new cars, suggestions to find new careers if they don't like the pay. They were insulted and disrespected. 

The House Democrats know this isn't just about a long overdue pay raise. This is about students in our classrooms, families believing in brighter futures for their children, and a state government that invests in our most valuable resource - our people. 

The Oklahoma House PAC exists to support and elect more Democratic Representatives to the House. Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you, like we, are tired of the same old song and dance from the House Republicans, now is the time to take action.

The Oklahoma House PAC is ready to roll up our sleeves and stand side-by-side with Democrats who are ready to make a difference in our Great State - but we need your help.

Will you join us? We are ready for change, and we believe Oklahoma deserves more.