Send more Democrats to the Capitol in 2018.


We Can't Stop Now

TOo many oklahomans are at risk.

Our people are at risk. Our children, our elders, our future. We're at a crossroads as a state and we've made so much progress over the last six months. We can't stop fighting now.

This time last year, raising the GPT was just a dream. But, with your help, we were able to move the discussion from a "maybe" to "yes". Unfortunately, we came up short - but that doesn't mean it's over.


Oklahoma is already feeling the effects of the inadequate leadership at the Capitol. In less than a year, over 70 Republican State House seats will be up for re-election. Help us send reinforcements to the small, but mighty minority. Our dream is to elect enough Democrats to fight even harder for everyday Oklahomans, but we can't do it alone. 

Every donation - no matter if $5 or $500 helps. We're fighting like hell to make sure your voice is represented and your future is protected. Help us send more people to the Capitol that will listen, and fight for you, not corporations or special interests.